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The guide

Switching from a suit to Gore-Tex.

Hello everyone! My name is Erik, and I was born and raised in Bergen, Norway. As a passionate traveler, I love connecting with people and exploring new places. While I'm out and about, people often ask me about the best places to visit in Norway, and that got me thinking.

As a fan of small group travel, I realized that I could combine my favorite childhood destinations with fun activities and Norwegian culture to create a truly unique tour. This tour would showcase the true essence of Norway, going beyond just views and scenery.

Although I work as a business consultant and enjoy my job, I'm so passionate about traveling, Norway, and meeting new people that I couldn't resist the urge to create this dream tour. I'm excited to share my love for Norway with like-minded individuals and show them the adventure of a lifetime. In fact, I'm so committed to this idea that I'll be using my summer holiday to host you and your friends in Norway. Join me on this unforgettable journey!

What we do


The pack

Safety First

In Norway, being close to nature and exploring the mountains is ingrained in our DNA. That's why I created a tour that prioritizes nature and minimizes transportation time, just as my friends and I would want to experience it. We believe that the journey is just as important as the destination, and we want to savor every moment of our adventure. If you share our passion for nature and adventure, then this tour is perfect for you! Join us and discover the true essence of Norway.

When you join me on a tour, we become one cohesive group, which is why I prefer to keep the group size small. We work together and support one another, with the guide taking the lead in organizing everything and ensuring we get around safely. But I envision our tour feeling more like a group of friends exploring Norway together, rather than a group of tourists simply following a guide with a sign. We'll share unique experiences, create memories, and build lasting friendships as we discover the beauty of Norway.

As we spend time in the mountains and engage in various activities, safety is a top priority. During the zipline and rafting activities, trained professionals will be on hand to ensure your safety, and participation in these activities is optional should you prefer to skip them. For the bike ride, we'll provide helmets and adjust the speed according to the skill level of the group, to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe. By taking these precautions, we can fully enjoy our adventures in Norway with peace of mind.

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